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Art Tarot Art Tarot title graphicThe tarot is a body of knowledge in the fom of a card game of life. Art Tarot distills decades of practice, Art's insightful interpretation, and five years of work by Art Lande, Michael Wojczuk and Chuck Ceraso to create a deck utilizing new imagery and names to present a modern, less mystic and more natural meaning.

Included with the deck is a booklet describing each card and its meaning. It presents the reader with a variety of ways to utilize or consult the deck for a quick read, medium dose of clarity, or an insightful peering into what might be happening around you.

Examine some of Michael's fascinating paintings that make up the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana as well as Court cards in Art Tarot. Learn about some of the major transitions Art Tarot brings to a reading, or simply make your order now through Chuck Ceraso's Studio website ...