Art Lande Discography

A selected discography is below, but additionally, Dan Kurdilla has hosted an astounding and quite thorough discography of Art's music and similar musicians since 1999. Visit his site.

1973-1987 on ECM  
Red Lanta with Jan Garbarek 1979
Rubisa Patrol   1976
Desert Marauders with the Rubisa Patrol 1977
Shift in the Wind with Gary Peacock 1980
Skylight with Paul McCandless and Dave Samuels 1981
We Begin with Mark Isham 1987
Solo piano recordings
Hardball (nominated for Grammy Award) Great American Music Hall Records 1987
Melissa Spins Away Great American Music Hall Records 1988
Eccentricities of Earl Dant (solo piano) Arch Records 1977
Story of Ba-Ku (with the Rubisa Patrol) Arch Records 1979
Friday The Thirteenth (all Thelonious Monk music) Vartan Jazz VJ013 1996
While She Sleeps Blue Coast Records BCRSA 2012 2008
1988-1990 on Windham Hill Rabbit Ears Children's Series
2 Bad Mice with Meryl Streep, narration
3 Little Pigs and 3 Billy Goat's Gruff with Holly Hunter, narration
Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood with Meg Ryan, narration
on Paul McCandless' albums
All the Mornings Bring Elektra 1979 1979
Heresay Windham Hill 1988
Other Collaborations
Ron Miles: Witness Capri 74014-2 1989
Nancy King & Glenn Moore: Potato Radio Justice 0802-2 1991
Nancy King & Glenn Moore: Cliff Dance Justice 0803-2 1993
Bruce Williamson: Big City Magic Timeless SJP 413 1992
Jerry Hahn: Time Changes enja 9007
Fred Hess: You Know I Care Capri 74045-2
Mark Nodwell: Nemesis Songlines SGL SA 1539-2 (Canada) 2001
Rob Foster w/ the Russian Dragon Band: How's That Hylozoic 3221 2002
Andre Bush: Start From Silence Odd Culture (CD)
Günter Wehinger: In Concert Mystica CD 450379 2007
Christina De Souza: Beautiful Love 2.0 Queen Crone Productions 001 2008
on Synergy Music (Colorado)
The Russian Dragon Band: When Kentucky Was Indiana SMCD80001-2 1994
Art Lande/Mark Miller: World Without Cars SMCD80005-2 1996
Aubrey Carton: The Pleasure Dance SMCD80006-2 1997
The Russian Dragon Band: The Book of Bhu SMCD 80012 1998
Boy-Girl Band: Drop Your Leotards! SMCD 80019 2003
McCandless/Lande/Barshay/Hall: Shapeshifter SMCD 80022 2003
Alex Heitlinger Sextet: Green Light SMCD 80021 2003
in Europe
As Time Goes By with Malcolm Green, vocals 1987
Heiri Känzig: Awakening L + R CDLR 45067(Germany) 1992
Giammarco/Lande/Leveratto/Gatto: Love Ballads Red 123282-2 (Italy) 1996
Rosalba Bentivoglio/Paul McCandless/Art Lande Taja Aleph (Italy) 2001
Marek Balata/Art Lande/Günter Wehinger: Trilogy Gowi CDG 49 (Poland) 1997
Jean Bardy: Chansons Bleu Citron (France) 1991
Jean Bardy: A Few Notes Lost Chart LC-1018 (Canada) 1996
on Nguyên Lê's albums
Miracles - with Nguyên Lê, Marc Johnson, and Peter Erskine Musidisc 1989
Zanzibar - with Nguyên Lê, Paul McCandless, Dean Johnson & Joel Allouche Musidisc 1992

Walking on the Tiger's Tail -
with Nguyên Lê, Paul McCandless, and Jamey Haddad

ACT 2005
Independent Releases
Art Lande and Mark Miller: Prayers, Germs and Obsessions from Art 1994
with Gebhard Ullmann, Chris Dahlgren: Die Blaue Nixe (the blue water nymph) Between the Lines 2007
Boy Girl Band: Down the Corridor from Art 2008
with Bob Claire and others: Another Day Whole Rest Music 2008
Art Lande and Mark Miller: What Is ... from Art 2009
with Bruce Williamson: Standard Transmission from Art 2010
as Producer
Aubrey Lande, Amy Shelley: Dick from Art 2010
Carmen Sandim: Brand New Dazzle Recordings 2011
Teaching positions
Lone Mountain College, San Francisco (1978-1979)
Cornish Institute, Seattle (1979-1983)
San Jose State College, San Jose, California (1983-1984)
Jazz School of Migros Klubschule, St. Gallen, Switzerland (1984-1987)
Jazz School Lausanne, Switzerland (1986-1987)
Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado (1987-1989)