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September 28, 2016

New Music from Art Lande and John Gunther

New compositions from Art and John will be featured in CU's awesome Pendulum New Music Series in Grusin Hall on the CU/Boulder campus.

The Pendulum New Music concert series, now in its 16th season, presents some of CU’s best performers from all departments premiering original music of CU composers. Every concert also features a faculty or guest performance. This month, jazz faculty John Gunther and Art Lande join us.

Imig Music Building (map)
1020 18th Street
Boulder, CO
Grusin Hall (C112)

Free Admission

Art Lande Trio/Quartet
October 6 - 9
lande trio and quartet

Art Lande (piano)   Doug Khabu Young (guitars)
Peter Barshay (bass)   Alan Hall (drums)

Someone possessing transformational capabilities might be considered a shapeshifter. Art Lande, Peter Barshay, Alan Hall and Paul McCandless are masterful shapeshifters of music. Their 2003 album Shapeshifter demonstrates their keen interplay and sensitive development of ideas into coherent, fluid melodies and intricate rhythms. This is why Art is thrilled to bring the shapeshifter trio to the Denver area. He loves to create with Peter and Alan. To shape and shift a recognized tune, develop it, move it to another time or place and bring it back, or just let it go where the group feels is the right place for the moment.

This level of collaboration, creation and trust is extraordinary. Art certainly produces it to varying degrees with most of his musical encounters, but to go deeper and do it with consistency requires an elevated level of familiarity. Years of playing together. Years of shapeshifting music together.

This exceptional trio will be playing and teaching in the Front Range area with various guests over these four days. Come listen, and transform.

October 6, 2016

Dazzle Jazz, Denver, CO

Two sets, 6:30 and 8:30.

First set is Art, Peter and Alan playing as jazz trio. The customary Trio setting is a format and style we don't hear Art play in often enough. Anticipate sparks, electric bolts and hair standing on end.

Set 2 will add Khabu Doug Young to the group. Bringing his wide range of styles to the highly charged atmosphere will certainly reignite embers from the first set and suitably propel, complement or caress quartet ideas and energies.

930 Lincoln St.
Denver, CO  80203

6:30pm, 8:30pm

October 7, 2016

CU Boulder - Trio Concert and Workshop

Workshop: 1-3pm (maybe 4). Macky, room 130 BD (basement, west side).
Concert: 730pm. Macky, room 130 BD (basement, west side).

October 8, 2016

Art Lande Quartet with Doug Khabu Young - Caffe Sole, Boulder

Caffe Sole features dinner, wine, beer, coffee, tea, desserts and treats before and during the music performances. Another great reason to arrive early and enjoy a Wednesday evening at Sole.

Caffe Sole
637R South Broadway  (map)
Boulder, CO 80305
303 499 2985
no cover
7pm   7:30pm

October 9, 2016

Art Lande Quartet with Peter Sommer

A House concert at Chuck Ceraso's Gallery/Studio, (Google map) in Lafayette, CO
Suggested donation is TBA

House concerts are by invitation only. To request your invitation, Email Chuck at chuck.ceraso@artlande.com or call 303-666-9516 and indicate
   - the number of people in your party
   - your email/phone/contact info.

October 15, 2016

Art Lande and Khabu Doug Young at GiG

GIG Performance Space
1808 2nd St, Santa Fe, NM
505 989 8442
7:30 PM