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December 2, 2015
Artful Wednesday at Caffe Sole

To close out the year in style, December's Artful Wednesday offers the duo of Art Lande and Shane Endsley, a founding member of the Grammy nominated group Kneebody.

Caffe Sole features dinner, wine, beer, coffee, tea, desserts and treats before and during the music performances. Another great reason to arrive early and enjoy a Wednesday evening at Sole.

Caffe Sole
637R South Broadway  (map)
Boulder, CO 80305
303 499 2985
No Cover
7pm - 10pm

Art Lande Master Classes
Fall Semester 2015, CU School of Music

All classes meet on Fridays, 1:00PM - 3:00PM.
in Macky's Jazz Room (basement, west side).

   Dec 4 - Learning Tunes by Ear

December 5, 2015
Marc Niehof Faculty Recital

Marc Niehof (bass), Art Lande (piano), Dru Heller (drums)

Colorado College
Packhard Hall   (map and additional info)

December 6, 2015
Boulder Improvisers Collective - BIC

The theme for the evening is Blurring the Division Between Audience and Performer.

The main techique will be Tag Team Orchestration.

Boulder improvisers collective is a loosely structured family of musicians that play in the Boulder area. To be completely honest, this organization doesn't really exist at all, even in name only. With that said, these musicians do play together, and when they do, they are reasonably capable and unquestionably inclined to listen to the sounds that arise. The players make the sounds with intention.

There is interest in forging a relationship with one's instrument, with each other, and with the piece that is emerging. The principles of this phantom organization might be that if one has inclination to play something, he or she is invited to play it, and if not, there is no need to play. There is no music or sound that is particularly encouraged or to be avoided, silence and sound are considered as equals, and the pieces reveal themselves as they do. The playing serves the piece; there is an interest in creating spontaneous communal compositions.

This concert is a tag team orchestration experience. If one musician is tagged by another, they must be silent for one chapter. Poetry, theater, movement and any inconceivable form of artistic or less artful expression may occur. Serious fun could take place. We invite you to join us in the spirit of friendship and adventure.

BIC memebers include:
    Drums: Dru Heller, Amy Shelley, Art Lande
    Sax: Mark Miller, Sam Williams, Anisha Rush
    Trumpet: Josh Reed, Shane Endsley
    Guitar: Ken Burnstein, Doug Khabu Young
    Bass: Bill McCrossin, Otis Lande
    Trombone: Holly Amend
    Piano: Emily Takahashi, Amanda Riggers, Art Lande
    Voice: Aubrey Lande, Donna Wickham, Kathryn Racakovich

930 Lincoln St.
Denver, CO  80203
7:00 PM
Admission - $15, $12 (students)

December 12, 2015
Art Lande at the GIG Performance Space in Santa Fe, NM

The evening will be in two sets with the first being a solo piano set by Art and the second will be Art and Bruce Dunlap on guitar playing some of Bruce's music.

GIG Performance Space
1808 2nd St, Santa Fe, NM
505 989 8442
7:30 PM
Admission - $20

December 27, 2015
Art Lande, Jeff Jenkins, Eric Gunnison

An evening of solo pianists.

930 Lincoln St.
Denver, CO  80203
7:00 PM